Laura, Media Agency Director

"Victoria has had a significant impact on how I perceive myself and interact with others. I trust completely that she has a clear understanding of my goals and will support me in realising them. I can honestly say the hour I spend with Victoria each fortnight adds more focus and clarity to my life than anything else I do."

"When I first did coaching I was skeptical, yet curious. As it turns out, my skepticism was just a cover for fear, fear of being exposed, fear of being vulnerable and fear of what I’d find out. It’s been a truly phenomenal experience. When I started working with Victoria I was asking lots of deep existential questions like who am I, what are my values etc. In her presence, I became fully myself. By saying who I am, I could start to live like that too."

James, Entrepreneur

Susi, Entrepreneur

'The thing that I love about working with Victoria is her ability to get to the root of the problem so quickly. There have been things that I've spent years trying to understand and process, and within one session, she's identified a key part of the puzzle that moves me heaps closer to a resolution. The sessions are always really fluid, which I love.'

Mike, Founder and CEO

'Being new to coaching, I was confused at first to be the one talking for most of each session, but it became clear that the questions Victoria would deliver were timed perfectly to reveal things about myself that were beyond my perception but essential to my success. She has enabled me to uncover truths about myself that can now be nurtured as strengths.'

"[Coaching with Victoria was] powerful and thought provoking, made me think like I've never thought before! It's helped me realise that I am in control of everything."

Dean, Teacher

"I thought I needed some help gaining clarity and direction in my career but as it turned out coaching was a journey of self discovery, finding answers to questions I didn't even know to ask! Victoria was great, no session was like the last and they kept changing to draw out the real core of my feelings, help me acknowledge them and then let them go allowing me to  move onto bigger and better things!"

EJ, PR Specialist