"You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that got you there.”
Albert Einstein (paraphrased. That guy knew what he was about.)

Through 1-2-1 life coaching, I help smart people get out of their heads and transform their lives. I’ll support you to blend intellect, emotion and intuition, to understand who you really are and what you really want. The result? You can finally move forward.

Does this sound familiar?

Once upon a time, you felt powerful. In flow. Connected to the person within you that explores, creates, has adventures and feels alive. But you've lost touch with that person. You can't remember the last time you met up with them.

You've spent your whole life following a particular path — using your intellect, charisma, drive and personality to get what you want, whether that was travelling the globe, growing your own business, rising to the top of the company chain or falling in love and building a beautiful family.

To the outside world, you always seem to be winning.

If only you could believe that. But something just feels out of whack.

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Alongside my 12+ years in the corporate world, I am a fully qualified and accredited life coach with >750 hours experience, having trained at the world's leading transformational coach training school. I’m also a founder coach with https://sanctus.io/, an organisation working to reduce the stigma around mental wellbeing

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