I help wholehearted professionals take up more space in the world, unlocking self-belief, clarity and direction, and welcoming purpose and flow into their lives and work.

My unique mash-up of soulful, whole-body coaching and intellectual rigour will connect you to yourself like never before. You’ll gain clarity on what you want, a compelling sense of direction, and the self-belief to create change. Ultimately, you’ll become who you really and truly ARE, rather than who you’ve always thought you had to be.

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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve lost your passion for life and it's affecting your relationships and personal wellbeing.

You’ve got no clarity on what you want to do with your life, so planning for the future feels impossible.

You struggle to trust your own decisions and choices, so you let yourself be led by other people’s expectations or by social norms.

You feel disconnected from your emotions, body and gut instincts.

You’re fed up of feeling insignificant and like you’re not reaching your potential.

Enough’s enough. It’s time to tune-in to the intelligence that exists throughout your body, heart and mind. It’s time to be significant in the world.

It’s time to be completely you.

Explore your options for working with me, here.

Alongside my 12+ years in the corporate world, I am a fully qualified and accredited life coach with >750 hours experience. I’m also a founder coach with https://sanctus.io/, an organisation working to reduce the stigma around mental wellbeing

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