“You don’t tile the roof during a thunderstorm, you tile the roof on a sunny day.”

John F Kennedy (paraphrased. Standing on the shoulders of giants)

When people initially contact me, I’ve noticed that there are common themes in how they talk about their current experience of life. I’ve started to see these themes as ‘clues’ that someone might be disconnected from themselves, and that I can help them reconnect. See if any of this sounds familiar…

The work I do with people is fluid and creative and adapts to what you want and need. The best way to figure out how we could work together is to have a conversation, where I learn more about you and give you a sense of what it feels like to work with me.

I'd describe the relationship I have with clients as 'honesty without judgement', and I've noticed certain stages that people tend to go through as they become more completely themselves (warning — they don’t always follow each other in a neat sequence!):

  • Disconnection. This is often what brings clients to a coach like myself to start with)

  • Exploration. We'll explore your experience of life, relationships, your reactions, and your behaviour.

  • Awareness. You’ll gain a new understanding of you. This could be a lightning-bolt, or a gradual dawning of knowledge.

  • Stuckness. Facing who you really are can feel uncomfortable and difficult. That’s completely normal. Stay with it.

  • Connection. You’ll start connecting with new ‘powers’ inside you, e.g your emotions, confidence, creativity.

  • Choice. As your self-connection grows, you’ll start making different choices and adopting new behaviours.

  • Transformation. As you make more and more choices based on a deep connection with yourself, change is inevitable :)

Hear more from clients who have been on this journey, here

I typically work with people on three (minimum) or six month programmes, which include:

  • Regular 121 sessions via Skype or in East London (at least twice a month)
  • Reflection surveys before and after programme.
  • Exercises and check-ins (phone or email) in-between sessions.
  • Access via email and What’s App.
  • A constant cheerleader who believes unconditionally in your brilliance :)

My fees are £300/month and I offer discounts for three or six month payments upfront.